Learning/ Teaching/ Training Activities

BSc/BA elective module and Intensive learning/teaching course

Using synergies, bundling international know-how for timber solutions in multi-storey buildings and making them accessible to all – these are the main goals of the Erasmus+-funded educational project HiBiWood. Sustainable planning is becoming increasingly important in terms of climate neutrality and reduction of emissions. The Increased usage of timber as construction material in multi-storey buildings can make a significant contribution for reaching the climate goals. However, specific know-how and guidelines that enable the practical implementation of timber solutions are necessary and should be essential part of the study programs architecture, civil engineering and building site management. The partner universities Riga Building Collage from Latvia, Cracow University of Technology from Poland, Klaipedos Valstybine Kolegija and Study and Consulting Center from Lithuania, Hameen Ammattikorkeakoulu Oy from Finland and FH Campus Wien for Austria are combining their expertise and research activities and are jointly developing a 9 ECTS trans-disciplinary innovative module on sustainable, high-performance wooden building systems. The module will be embedded in the study programmes of the participating educational institutions in order to provide acquire deeper professional knowledge, skills and competences and additionally will contribute to awareness raising among different actors.

C1 Intensive training course for teachers

The C1 two days intensive training course for teachers/professors was held online in February 2021. In total 11 participants partners attended the training course.

The participants with different backgrounds and specialties from education and the building design, construction and management sectors, formed a trans-disciplinary group, working on Project Based Learning and teaching content proposals for following intensive learning courses for students.

The intensive training course consisted of teaching innovative skills and knowledge in the areas of sustainability, hybrid timber design and construction, as well as competences in teaching methodologies by implementing project based learning in the field of multidisciplinary and trans-national team work, learning by doing, responsibility for own learning approaches. This will lead to the implementation of innovative elective module elements development at EU HEI.

C1 Intensive Training Course, Agenda

C2/C3 Intensive learning/teaching course for students/teachers in FH-Campus Wien, September 2021

The first Intensive learning/teaching course of HiBiWood took place at the University of Applied Sciences Campus Vienna between 06.-17. September 2021.

30 Students from Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Austria dealt intensively with the practical implementation of timber in multi-story buildings in all project phases. Using a project-based and cross-professional learning approach, the bachelor students in the fields of architecture, civil engineering and building site management solved complex problems together. Lectures by international experts provided essential input for the group work, and the excursions to the timber construction companies Handler Bau GmbH and Strobl offered practical insights to the implementation of timber constructions.

C2/C3 Intensive learning course program

C2 Preparatory task

C2 Assignment description

HiBiWood C2 Student Participants at FH-Campus Vienna, September 2021 ©Martin Aichholzer

HiBiWood C2 Site Visit, Vienna, September 2021, ©Martin Aichholzer

▶ Student groups final presentations – Some examples

C4/C5 Intensive learning/teaching course for students/teachers in Krakow University of Technology, May 2022

The second workshops took place at the Krakow University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture between May 09-20, 2022.

36 students from various faculties and fields of study (Faculties of Architecture, Civil Engineering, Sustainable Construction, and Electrical and Computer Engineering) and over 20 lecturers and specialists from fields related to the grant’s topic took part in the workshops. For two weeks, students continued, developed, and modified the concept of multi-family housing developed during the first stage of the workshops, which took place from September 6-17, 2021, at the University of Applied Sciences Campus Vienna.

Design and corrections were accompanied by series of lectures about contemporary massive timber construction. Design exercises were supervised by tutors from partner universities. During the design process, students were assisted by: Roger Howard Taylor and Vijoleta Sulciene from Study and Consulting Center (Lithuania), Martin Aichholzer and Elena Mitrenova from FH-Campus Wien (Austria), Aiva Dreimane Ozolzile, Inese Reitale and Igors Suhovilovs from Rigas Celtniecibas Koledza (Latvia), Vilma Vaičekauskienė and Mantas Anužis from Klaipedos Valstybine Kolegija (Lithuania), Kalle Rohola from Hämeen Ammattikorkeakoulu Oy (Finland), Sabina Kuc, Łukasz Wesołowski, Paweł Mika from Cracow University of Technology. Additionally, guest lectures were delivered by: Mark Anderson from UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design (USA), Peter Anderson from California College of Arts (USA), Mattias Doubek from FH-Campus Wien (Austria), Wacław Celadyn, Marcin Gierbienis, Damian Poklewski Koziell, Stanislaw Jurczakiewicz from Cracow University of Technology.

The two-week work resulted in a series of analyses and a set of detailed construction drawings showing sections through external partitions and their connections. On Thursday, May 18th, project presentations were held during which each student discussed their part of the work. On the last day, thanks to the efforts and kindness of Mr. Jacek Kolibski (European Real Estate Institute) and Mr. Tomasz Kozik (HausWerk), a seminar took place at the HausWerk Prefabricated Houses factory in Czatkowice Dolne.

C4/C5 Intensive learning course program

C4 Preparatory task

C4 Assignment description

HiBiWood C4 Student Participants at Krakow University of Technology, May 2022

HiBiWood C4 Factory Visit, Krakow, May 2022

C6/C7 Intensive learning/teaching course for students/teachers in Riga Building College, March 2023

During the two-week workshops, the students were learning about optimization of a design decisions basing on various parameters basing on different construction type, prefabrication, logistics, assembly sequence, sustainability and others. They were working with management site issues understanding influence  of erection process reality for previous design decisions. With this knowledge it is possible to get overall view for wide range of data and technical reality to be included in early design process.Joint process tasks at workshop was supported by inputs from professionals and international exports and also visits in factory and on public timber building.

C6/C7 Intensive learning course program

C6 Preparatory task

C6 Assignment description

HiBiWood C6 Student Participants at RBC – Riga Building College, March 2023

HiBiWood C6 Factory Visit, Riga, March 2023