O1 Competency Framework

O2 B.Sc./B.A. elective module “Sustainable, High-Performance Wooden Building Systems”

The curriculum for the innovative e-learning course titled “Sustainable, High-Performance Building Solutions in Wood” comprises 4 ECTS credits and is tailored for undergraduate (BSc) students. This curriculum encompasses a broad array of components, including a comprehensive module overview, well-defined learning objectives, a breakdown of allocated learning hours, intricate explanations of various disciplines, and thorough depictions of tasks. These tasks are strategically crafted to facilitate the attainment of Learning Outcomes, utilizing hands-on, project-based assignments that accurately emulate the successive stages of timber building projects. Furthermore, supplementary resources are furnished in the form of accompanying booklets.

O3 E-learning platform

The e-learning platform has a dedicated focus on delivering the comprehensive course titled “Sustainable, High-Performance Building Solutions in Wood.” Within this platform, you will find a general overview of the course, as well as an assortment of 42 distinct topics that have been categorized into four sections:

  1. Introduction to Architectural Design in Timber
  2. Advanced Architectural Design in Timber
  3. Timber Engineering
  4. Building Site Management and the Construction Process with Timber

Each of these topics is equipped with a variety of learning materials, alongside additional tools designed for the evaluation of progress and supplementary reading resources. Moreover, the e-learning platform also offers instances of potential workshops that have been crafted to enhance the understanding of lecture materials. It even showcases examples of student projects to provide practical insight.

This platform has been thoughtfully designed to accommodate both educational and research objectives. It is accessible to a diverse audience including students, educators, researchers, and other stakeholders who share an interest in the realm of circular wooden construction.

E-learning platform link

O4 Best Practices in “Sustainable, High-Performance Wooden Buildings”

Best practices examples of buildings was selected by project experts for visualizing possibilities of modern timber buildings. They were asked for selecting 3 local and 2 international examples, who represents best possible way of supporting course curriculum. Lesson learnt from this approach is that markets, buyers demands and legislative approach is very different in each country. Research shows, that on some markets timber construction is very popular and demanded by developers and buyers – on other examples are singular and there is a significant technological delay compering to other.

Selected examples describes variety of technical approaches in time and shows exact used techniques and technologies used in a building that can be used as a reference or starting point according to function, form or height of a building.

Variety of accessible data is different and my change in time so there was selection of parameters done to allow presentation of examples with some common level.

Where it was possible there are some additional materials pointed in a form of a link driving attention to published materials.

We strongly advise tutors of this course to investigate selected examples and add or change 5 of them, to better suit your needs (focusing of types of buildings, heights etc.).

There are also major differences between countries in their regulations, so it is always good to check design location for setting a correct set of rules to work. Some examples can suffer from specific regulations (for example fire safety code) and have to include some solutions, that are typical for local markets, and are not needed on other locations.